Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything on truly FREE?

Yes, the user may rest assured that does not charge a fee for any of its services. There are absolutely no fees associated with our website. That is what separates us from our competitors. However, Carrier charges may apply.

I have forgotten my username/password. What do I do?

You can click here and enter your email. We will send you your username and new password.

When I click on "login" nothing happens. What do I do?

You can go to and login from there.

My carrier is not listed on, can I still use your service?

Absolutely! Just select "Other" under the Carrier category and enjoy. However, please help us improve our service and email us at with your carrier. This will insure that we are constantly updating our Carrier database and providing the best service for our users.

I have Verizon and still have not received my picture message, what do I do?

Go to and setup your phone with Verizon Wireless, then try sending the song to your phone again.

I have not received the text message after 5 minutes, what do I do?

When you click "Send to Phone", on the following page we provide a URL for your such as "" whre xyz is some number. Type the URL into your phone's browser and you will be able to download the ringtone.

The scroll bar freezes when I'm trying to select a section of my song, what do I do?

Sometimes certain MP3s are encoded differently which may cause our software not to recognize the music. Please try a valid MP3 file.You can also email us at with the MP3 in question as an attachment and we will fix the issue for you.

What happens when I click "Save ringtone to my computer"?

This option allows you to save the ringtone locally on your computer and transfer it to your phone using a USB data cable for your phone. This option should be used when you have no Data Plan or Internet access on your phone.

What does "Standard text messaging rates apply" mean?

This term refers to the rates that a user’s Carrier charges for receiving a text message and online access, if the user does not already have these services as a part of their wireless phone plan.

I cannot listen to any of the ringtones on your site, what do I do?

Depending on the length of the ringtone and your internet connection, they may take up to 30 seconds to load.